Living In A Babylonian Culture

 Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is my firm belief that many institutional churches are not preparing and have not prepared the younger generation how to live in this Babylonian culture that we are living in. I'd go so far as to say they haven't prepared anyone. Now more than ever, we see a watered down gospel that caters to our wants rather than our needs, it's all about the numbers--the numbers draw the money. Living in the society that we live in, where the days are growing more wicked, people are growing more cold, and the world is loving less, too many pastors are obsessed with looking good and making you feel good. I'm telling you God is not pleased with those who call themselves the bride of Christ. Out of all the "Christian" television networks on today, I've not seen one that has any substance. Last night I caught TD Jakes preaching his watered down version of the gospel. He stated and I quote "The word of God is His sperm". Really! And all these folks could do was hoop, holler, jump up in down in agreement. Can't say that I was surprised though. Disgusted, I flipped the channel. Where are the Daniels, Hananiah's, Mishael's, & Azariah's of this age. (And they are out there) I'll tell you where they're not---on any so called christian programming show. I've been studying the book of Daniel--the Lord impressed it upon me to study and really look at these men of God. Here are a few points that I walked away with:

  • Daniel and company were brought from their land into captivity to Babylon. They were good looking, smart, able to learn, and chosen for those reasons to serve under the king. (Chapter 1)
  • The four men were stripped of their names and given names that the King chose, taught them their language and their culture in an attempt to make them take on the identity of Babylon.
  • Though these men were brought into the land of Babylon by captivity, they resolved to not defile themselves by partaking in any of the indulges' that the King offered--in food or wine.
  • They Loved God above all else and served Him only, fully trusting and believing Him.
  • They submitted to the King--but when it required going against God, they refused--holding fast to their identity in God. They knew who their provider was and was faithful--even in the face of death.

This for me paints the picture of what the Narrow Way is. It's not conforming, or compromising. The Narrow way demands our complete obedience to God, Christ, and the Word. If we are not grounded we will certainly walk or be lead into a ditch. It's not about fuzzy feelings, following after the next big move of God or the next big so called Prophet that prophesies lies. There is no doubt about it, you will face the furnace......the question is will you be willing to trust in Christ and take a stand. Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego lived in a Babylonian culture just as we do now, the difference between these men & the majority of so called Christ follower's...they knew the difference between the wide gate and the narrow one.


Anonymous,  August 14, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

Amen Sister! What is so appealing to Babylon to some? The fact that they can live, walk and talk any way that they like while still appearing to possess a form of godliness. That quote by Mr. Jakes is not surprising because they like to use "shock" words to rev up their crowds (note I did not say God's people). Who but a reprobate or apostate would equate God's word with sperm? Ugh. This is as damnable as the popular Cleveland preacher whose message was, "I almost cussed", really?!? He may as well go ahead and do it; these men are spewing exactly what is in them - a profane doctrine that has nothing to do with God, but glorifies themselves only.

I would rather spend a thousand days in the furnace and come out as pure gold than to sit one day listening to these heretics poison me with their defiled spirits. Good post Sister Evette, keep telling it like 'tis!

Evette August 14, 2011 at 4:22 PM  

Thank you sister! I'm in totally agreement with you. These people are a hot mess. Anymore all I can do is just shake my head.

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