Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few days ago my nose began to bother me and swell. It swelled so much I'd thought that it was actually broken. And since I'm not one for Doctor's..not unless its absolutely required, Richard had to force me to go to the doctor the other day. After spending too much time in the office the diagnosis left me very puzzled. They told me that I had a sinus infection. Okay, I don't know about you, but I've never heard of a sinus infection that makes your nose swell so big it looks broken. If you could have seen me with ice packs on my nose this past week..wondering why the swelling wasn't going down. Now it is getting better....after having to take 2 doses of antibiotics daily the size of horse pills....Nasal spray once a day.....and nasal cream that has to be applied inside the nose 3 times daily the swelling is going down and the soreness isn't so bad. I think that I just may make it through the entire ordeal. My nose is big enough on its own.....and this didn't help any.


New Blog

 Sunday, May 11, 2008

Richard is always joking about how fast I read. And he has become more than annoyed for my lack of restraint when I enter the bookstore and come back with the receipt of purchase, which makes him cringe. Money is no object for me when my eyes gaze upon the thousands of books that are neatly stacked throughout. My children make fun of the way I open a book and inhale its sent. Every book has a different smell, a different story to tell. And this is where my new blog comes into play. It is called Reading In Bed and the address is I love books so much that I've decided to post reviews of the books that I read. And please feel free to leave comments, suggestions for other books to be read, and if you've read some of the books and would like to discuss...please feel free to do so.

My taste for books are all over the place. I love romance novels, chic-lit, non-fiction, mystery and every book in between. I hope that you will mark my new blog as a must read for yourselves. Just in case anyone is wondering....I'll still be posting on this blog also.


Proverbs 31 Woman

 Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Proverbs 31 woman can be somewhat intimidating . For many she's something that can never be eluding ghost that we read in the pages of God's word. Just the description of such a woman invokes envy and a desire to be like the woman who is beautifully pictured in words. There are thousands of Proverbs 31 woman walking this earth now. She is the woman who has sacrificed her wants, and needs so that others may have. She is strong, wise, tender, and loving to her family and others. She gives without expecting anything in return. Her hands have cradled, feed, wiped the tears, consoled the hurting, and given words of wisdom to live by, and loves the Lord with all her heart, and mind.

Yes I've met plenty of proverbs 31 women. So to you all.....I RISE UP AND CALL YOU BLESSED!