Who Do You Say That I Am?

 Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Children have a way of asking the most thought provoking questions. You know---those that actually require a parent to stop, think, and answer with clarity. The other night, my youngest son, Riley, asked me a question that caused me to stop--ponder. "Mom" he says, eyes wide, staring back at me, "Is Jesus our brother?" "He's closer than a brother". "We'll what does that mean", he asks--squinting his eyes in confusion. "He's our Savior, sent to pay a debt that we ourselves could never pay." After that answer I realized that he was more confused than ever. After much more explaining, he got it. The entire exchange with my son about who Jesus was--and is brought questions to my own mind of how we--people--individuals-- view who He really is versus who we've made Him out to be in our own minds...how we've fashioned Jesus as a mere "relative", one of the guys in the group just like us--made in our own image. We see Jesus in the scriptures reaching out to the untouchables--sitting with sinners--challenging the Pharisees and Sadducee's, He's the one that the religious hated and the "least" of these loved!

What we've done in our churches/seeker sensitive churches to make Jesus cool--more appealing--to those rejected by the religious, church folk (those professing Christ but looking nothing like Him) is paint a picture of a loving, rebellious, going against the grain, tolerate of all sins, man that requires nothing but to love others and treat others with respect--the way everyone wants to be treated.

What people have done in the world to make Jesus cool--more appealing--to those rejected by the religious, church folk--is paint him as tolerate, loving, one of the guys, non-judgmental, caring to all, requiring nothing in return, but accepting of all that we do, because He is the man who made the "least of these" first, and the religious the last!

A friend of mine said it best "Jesus doesn't offer options for people to consider, He issues commands for people to obey." Luke 5:31-32 Jesus makes it clear why he came, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance."

Jesus calls us the way we are, in our sin..where we are, but he calls us to repentance--to turn from our sin. If we profess Christ we must admit that we are sinners, dead in our trespasses in need of a Saviour to rescue us. How have so many missed the mark? How have so many gotten it wrong? It's easy---we love who we think He is--and dismiss who He really is because dying to self is the hardest thing any of us will ever do!

To truly accept Christ means looking yourself in mirror and truly seeing the "you" for who you really are--in need of a huge make-over from the inside. He is the son of God sent to do the Father's will, not ours. Following Christ will cost you. Christ requires change!


iampastorswife July 12, 2011 at 4:16 PM  

Sis Evette, this was a beautifully written blog and so true to the times that we are living in where the apostate church seems to rule. I remember when my family was at the church where God healed us that the Pastor set out a full length mirror at the front of the church, and invited people to come and stand before it after service to see if they could stand what they saw. Very few people went up there, but I did. I certainly did not feel as if I looked like Christ wanted me to look; see I was looking into my heart and spirit and I cried that day and repented to God. I was full of bitterness and anger from the spiritual abusive that I had been subjected to.

Ignoring the gospel of Jesus Christ for a lot of ministries is easy because people want a feeling more than a relationship with him. They are comfortable in their sin so don't you dare confront it! I could go on and on, but you did a marvelous job. I just want to encourage you to keep on speaking the truth of Jesus Christ Sis and be encouraged. I plan to add you to my blog roll/links if that is ok? Blessings to you!

A Pastor's Wife

Evette July 12, 2011 at 6:43 PM  

Thank you so much! When I had that moment, truly looking at who I was, it was nothing like Christ. Anger, bitterness, and a get you back attitude from all the years of spiritual abuse had a tight hold of me as well. I love how your pastor invited everyone to truly look in the mirror, face the facts, and cry out to Christ. Again, thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me. Feel free to add me to your link.

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