How Great Thou Art

 Sunday, July 6, 2008

I have this annoying habit that drives my kids crazy. My children find it odd that at various times through out my day I, without any reason at all, belt out songs of praise while working around the house. "Mom", they cry out in aggravations, "we can't hear the television."
My favorite is How Great Thou Art. It's not just the song, but the memory that surrounds the song. This is the first song that I learned to play on my grandparents piano. Memories of sitting next to my grandfather on the bench, his hands guiding me, showing me just the right notes to hit. I will always have that memory. It comes to me at the times that I miss him the most....the times when I'm stressed out to the point of just breaking down. That's when I hear...How Great Thou Art.


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